Partner organizations support Seva Sadhana by providing discounts or work exchanges for their programs, and in-kind goods and services.

KRI logo

Kundalini Research Institute (KRI)

KRI offers a limited number of work exchange positions that reduce the tuition cost of their summer Aquarian Teacher™ Level One Immersion Teacher Training Program (held at Hacienda de Guru Ram Das) to students that commit to a week (or longer) Seva Sadhana program.

3HO logo

Happy Healthy Holy Organization (3HO)

During Summer Solstice, 3HO provides us with booth space to help us get the word out and – best of all – generates lots and lots of compost for the Guru Amar Das Langar Garden.

In 2016, through their Live to Give program, 3HO awarded Seva Sadhana a $1000 grant to help renovate sevadar housing.

 Conscious Pregnancy logo

Conscious Pregnancy The Journey from Woman to Mother

Conscious Pregnancy Training is a comprehensive 103 hour course for exploring a woman’s journey to motherhood. Because the curriculum starts with the identity of a woman, her relationships, building her family culture, through birthing, and post-partum, any woman would benefit. It is an outstanding preparation for women who are planning to become mothers, or are interested to educate girls or women.