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Seva Sadhana Spring Updates

Program Updates
2nd Sevadar Nivas
May 11 Day Intensive
Open Workshops
Womens Teachings
Langar Program

Program Updates
The Seva Sadhana program continues to become more and more refined with each sevadar that comes – each person having something unique to contribute, and helping us to improve in their own way.
Thanks to feedback from past sevadars we’ve established at least one regular weekly workshop offering lead by Ashram community members.

There is the exploration of a mentor program, connecting fresh ashram sevadars with seasoned “elders” of the community, to help guide and give perspective to sevadar experience.

The sevadars are feeling the love of the community thanks to a project called Sat Yum.  Sat Yum is a rotating team that drops off a bag of groceries with pantry items for the Seva Sadhana Participants once a week. Our purpose is to contribute to that feeling of vast prosperity and abundance so that these spiritual honeymooners feel the magic Espanola dust of the saints feet AND to feel that magic ourselves. If you are interested in participating contact Japa Kaur.

We are planning an April Family Fun Fundraising Event – stay tuned for more details!

2nd Sevadar Nivas
The renovations on the 2nd Sevadar Nivas are well underway, in the best case scenario we are a few weeks from completion – however we could use more help!  We’ve posted the actual costs remaining on the project, and are still actively fundraising to meet all expenses.

nivas painting day

In addition to the cost of materials, we could use hands to help.  We’ll have a community floor laying day early April. If you have even just a few hours to help, please contact us and you could plug in to the project.

One of our sevadars, Hanuman Das, has taken the role of leading the project.  Siri Didar has also donated his time and energy overseeing plumbing and electrical. His skilled team continues to played an integral role in finishing the walls and preparing the space to be ready to house guests.

The east side bathroom should be completed within the next 10 days. Flooring will go in shortly after that, and bunk beds are ready to be set up – straight out of Baldev Singh’s workshop.

The Sevadar Nivas continues to be a community project. Funded by the community, renovated by the community, and prepared to receive guests, who while they are here are part of the community – and may come to be part of the community.

With the completion of the 2nd Nivas our capacity to house sevadars leaps from 6 – 20+!  We anticipate a great response from the global community, and especially foresee a full house surrounding summer solstice. Stay tuned!

If you are interested in seeing the Nivas and all that is happening please contact us and we’d be happy to arrange a tour.

May 11 Day Intensive
We are currently in the middle of our first pilot intensive program. Because the 2nd nivas is still under renovations we did not advertise this program. However for May, we will have 16+ more sleeping spaces for sevadars, and we are spreading the word to all.

evening Kirtan during March 11 day Intensive at the Sevadar Nivas

old patterns from the past. The intensive program features a completely structured Ashram experience: from morning sadhana, to kirtan each evening. Each day offers a 2.5h afternoon workshop, along with 3 – 4 hours of Ashram seva. The program is like “Ashram Bootcamp” and is sure to be very powerful and transformational for all involved.

more about May’s Intensive

Open Workshops
Part of the Seva Sadhana Program’s mission is to provide a structure which brings transformational experiences to it’s participants. Past sevadars have requested more workshops and classes to understand the teachings more deeply and to experience the power of the technologies of Sikh Dharma and Kundalini Yoga.

We have a small list of community members who have expressed their interest and willingness to offer workshops / classes that deliver the teachings. I invite others who may be interested to contact me .

Workshops will range from Turban Tying, to Stories from the Sikh Guru’s Lives, to Gurbani, to classical Kirtan. Any interesting aspect of 3HO, Kundalini Yoga, and Sikh Dharma.

All workshops / programming willbe open to the Ashram community and we encourage your participation. The sevadars have given feedback that they’d like to connect more with the community, and these events could be a perfect opportunity.



Women’s Teachings
Starting in April, will be a bi-weekly women’s teachings workshop. Please come and be a part of these invaluable teachings, and / or share what you’ve learned at the feet of the master – contact Ram Krishan Kaur to find out more information or to volunteer to lead a workshop.

Langar Program
The Seva Sadhana Program and Langar Program are so intimately intertwined they are truly one. Our sevadars fuel Thursday langars, and are a great support for Sunday langars. Working in collaboration with the Langar COV and Kitchen team we envision a more structured and organized experience in the kitchen. We are in the process of putting together Standard Operating Procedures; everything from Dishwasher Operation, to Langar Cleanup Checklist. In addition we are compiling loved recipes to create Recipe / Menu Books.


Our vision is for any sevadar with a willing heart to be able to jump into the kitchen, follow clear instructions, and serve harmoniously alongside even the most seasoned sevadars.  This will ease the load for the langar leaders, and make it possible to expand the langar program to more days a week by empowering new leaders to step up. When clear menu options with easy to follow recipes for large amounts of people are available – and standardized operating procedures for langar prep through cleanup – we’ll truly have a kitchen environment that is welcoming to all to participate.

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