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Sat Naam

The Seva Sadhana program has a lot of exciting news for the community, as of now, many details are still becoming solidified, stay tuned!

The Seva Sadhana Program is open for sevadars to come for self guided stays. There is still plenty to do in the garden and we are starting renovations of the 2nd sevadar nivas, which will expand our housing capacity to over 20 people. If you know anybody who may be interested in coming and participating in the program please direct them to our website &/or invite them to reach out to the Ram Krishans at

Part of he seva sadhana program’s long term vision is to expand langar to be 7 days a week. We are in the first steps of realizing this vision; lunchtime langar will SOON be offered Tuesdays and Thursdays. Stay tuned for the official start date.

As the program grows we will be hosting larger groups of sevadars. Currently our sevadar team is small and we could use more help in the kitchen preparing langar. If you would like out for Thursday langar please contact us.

For all seva opportunities (local Espanola Community) – stay tuned to


As another step towards sustainability we are changing how we take leftover langar home with us. If you would like to bring langar home with you, we ask you bring your own reusable container. We are phasing out disposable and moving more towards eco-sustainability.


If anybody has any Ashram / Community Projects that could use help with, please contact the Ram Krishans at least 24 hours in advance to organize sevadar support for your project (if possible). Please do not approach the sevadars and ask them if they will be able to help.



Saturday October 22nd 8am – 12pm is a Garlic Planting Party. Children are welcome, we can use as much help as we can get!


Many have asked what the Seva Sadhana needs, and here is our current wishlist:

Restaurant – Industrial Salad Spinner
Mirrors for Sevadar Rooms
Small bedside tables or simple furniture for sevadar rooms

The program is moving forward with its own momentum. Please participate in whatever way you are able! Come join an Ashram enhancing seva project, donate an item from our wishlist, or contribute to our fundraiser for the renovation of the second sevadar nivas.

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