2017 is the Year of Radiance!

Happy New Year!

On this Day, January 5th, we celebrate the Birthday of Guru Gobind Singh, the Birthday of 3HO, and the Birthday of Hacienda Yoga!



2017 = 2+0+1+7 = 10 = the Radiant Body which is the Theme of this Year and the Theme Of Our 2017 Intensive Retreats!

May we align this year with the radiant light of the soul and allow it to manifest through the integrity of every facet of our projection – every thought, word, and deed. Guru Gobind Singh is a shining example of the embodiment of this Radiance, and he inspires us to live with Royal Courage and Uphold Truth in all that we do.


Excerpt from Beads of Truth Number 5 – 1980
Birth of the Happy, Healthy, Holy Organization – 3HO

After being in America for only a few months, Yogi Bhajan was asked by a student in his meditation class to please clarify what it was that he hoped to achieve in this country. Yogi Bhajan replied: “I want to teach people a technology which can make it possible for them to live healthy, happy, and holy.” and so the 3HO Foundation , the Healthy, Happy, Holy organization, was defined, and so it began to embody the mission and the vision which Yogi Bhajan shared with his students.
The reality of 3HO today is that it is an international extended-family within which everyone who chooses to participate in the lifestyle teachings, strives to achieve a balance of the spiritual, mental, and physical beings. This is accomplished through the practice and the experience of Kundalini Yoga, sadhana (early morning spiritual discipline), meditation, vegetarian diet, the practical application of basic moral and ethical standards of behavior, and a group conscious atmosphere in which every participant is openly committed to working towards the same goals.
The vision towards which 3HO is striving, is to serve humanity by representing an example of a model social structure that works positively for every individual and for the whole, and to provide a storehouse of technology on all aspects of human development. As a result, 3HO is fostering innovative approaches to business, to child raising, to marriage relationships, to the unit-family, to “holistic” healing of the self and others, and ultimately a “holistic” approach to daily living. 3HO seeks to provide an alternative lifestyle in which individuals are motivated and inspired to learn how to integrate their own personal beings, and to integrate themselves with others, while ever reaching outwards to serve a society in distress.
3HO is consciousness, it is an ideal to be achieved, and it is no more and no less than the highest aspirations of the people who comprise it. It is what it is – a vehicle for organizing humanity to live according to its own highest ideals and ambitions. Those who strive for self improvement and self knowledge, utilizing the methods and techniques offered through 3HO Foundation, are a part of the evolving process known as “3HO”. There is no membership, there is only wholehearted participation in the process of self evolution towards greater and greater awareness of self and God.
There are more than one-hundred-twenty 3HO centers throughout the world (at the time in 1980), each of which serves as an “ashram” where teachers live and where facilities may be provided for other dedicated students to live and practice 3HO lifestyle teachings.


Hacienda Yoga is the living legacy of Yogi Bhajan’s life and teachings as expressed by the Hacienda de Guru Ram Das community. Today Hacienda Yoga opens its doors to share the happy, healthy, holy lifestyle by offering a regularly scheduled yoga classes, events, and workshops to the community.
Hacienda Yoga Schedule



After a short end of year break, the Seva Sadhana Program is once again in full swing and we may see a full house by the end of January.

About 80% of all interest we receive is coming from international Yogis and we are currently in communication with 6 sevadars who would like to come for 2 months or more, from Germany, Japan, Ecuador, Argentina, Oregon, and New Hampshire.

With all these long term sevadars our 1st Sevadar Nivas will be full, and its all the more imperative that our 2nd Nivas is ready for guests as soon as possible.

With Hacienda Yoga’s opening, our sevadars gain the opportunity to serve at the center & attend evening yoga classes as part of the Seva Sadhana Program experience.


Renovations are under way, thanks to Abhai Raj and the other sevadars, walls are coming down, debris is being cleared out, and walls are being prepared for painting.  We’ll have a community painting day very soon, and then the first bathroom will be installed.

Stage 2 (after drywall has come down) Stage 3 (framing has come down)

All is unfolding in Guru’s Grace, and with your support – whether swinging a hammer or contributing to our fundraiser, you are making an integral contribution to allowing more yogis to come be a part of the 3ho family and experience the happy, healthy, holy lifestyle.   ~donate today to our fundraiser~


March 3rd -13th is our first Intensive Retreat – with the theme of Seeding a Radiant Year.  Our major focuses will be planting in the garden, and we are very happy to offer an addition day of community lunchtime langar.  We have 4 intensive retreats scheduled for 2017 in the themes of Seeding, Weeding, Feeding, and Leading.  Schedules and more details are coming soon, stay tuned.

Our intensive retreats offer a completely structured Ashram experience featuring daily group sadhana, seva, and being part of a supportive spiritual community. Regular workshops and classes at Hacienda Yoga along with evening recorded lectures by Yogi Bhajan serve to strengthen and deepen spiritual practice. We strive to create the most ideal container for an uplifting, transformative, and liberating experience for all involved.


Please help us spread the word about the program. Share on facebook, tell your friends, reach out to yoga studios or centers – the doors are open and the Seva Sadhana Program welcomes sincere individuals who wish to come, practice, and be a part of the happy, healthy, holy, living legacy left by Yogi Bhajan.



excerpt from a post by Shiv Charn Singh

to learn more about the numerology of 10 visit Shiv Charn Singh’s post

Welcome to 2017
Stepping into a new year with new numbers:
2017 = 10 = Radiant Body = Royal Courage

Radiance can be a result of compassion which starts with your Self.
It is supported by a renewed optimism towards your Self.
Backed up by the mind-set of permitting your light.
Including the greater you in the Greater Picture.
A year of consciousness and illumination
Or eclipse and blackout.
Be vast or be nothing.
A full year or a non-year.
Bright or obscure.
Just when you think this is the limit
Things can yet get far worse or far better.
A year to go the extra step. To give that little bit more.

To speak of the 10 is to speak in the language of extremes. Absolute, Total, Whole, Entire, Universal, All, Everywhere. A Self-Regulating All-Inclusive Totality.

10 is opportunity for a collective awareness which serves us to migrate through changes far easier than an individual could ever do alone.

10 gives the possibility to be sensitive to, and intimate with, the Self-Existing Transcendent Unity. The Extraordinary Sum Totality of All time and space; or the micro sum of any situation, as well as the greater sum of yourself.

The 10th Spiritual Body is known as the Radiant Body, the Body of Light. It is the light of the soul shining through the transparent Ego. The light that shines on all without discrimination.

By the dynamic projective nature of radiance it also establishes a protective radius. Meaning it will dissolve inauthentic attacking projections at the periphery of your being, preventing them from entering into you inner space. Though when filtered by your ego it will become a circle that, suffocates, oppresses and imprisons your latent potential for greatness and excellence.


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