Seva Sadhana

A service project of Hacienda de Guru Ram Das

                          Seva – Selfless Serve
                                                          Sadhana – Daily Practice, Discipline

The Seva Sadhana program provides an opportunity for those who would like to come to Hacienda de Guru Ram Das (the “Mother Ashram” in Northern New Mexico, USA) to serve, to engage with our Sikh spiritual community, and strengthen their Kundalini Yoga practice.

The program responds to the increasing need for people to take a break from their everyday environment, experience something deeper and more meaningful – and to establish (or re-establish) healthy practices that lead to greater fulfillment.

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Check Out Our Newest Sevadar Testimonial:

Newest Testimonial by Rosi from Germany:

“The Seva Sadhana Program was a huge blessing for me and my life, I hardly can express my gratefulness to everyone making it possible. The first time I came in December 2017 . I was amazed how easy it was in the surrounding of the Ashram to get familiar with a rhythm that allowed me to get into Sadhana so easily. Doing Sadhana everyday gave me the chance to see some not expected processes coming up and deal with them. I am so grateful for this healing process I could go through.

Working together with the other sevadars – no matter if in the kitchen or in the garden – always was fun and a possibility to exchange our experiences. The people attracted to this program are wonderful – thank you all!

My visa expired after two weeks and I was sad to leave Espanola…but I came right back in May to complete my experience – for now…

The sevasadhana program will certainly see me again one day😊

Thank you so much Ram Krishan Singh and Ram Krishan Kaur for filling this program with so much life and love  ” -Rosi